PB Cover 3-2

Simon, 28, is in a rut. Not a third-world country kind of rut; he’s got a roof over his head, a fridge full of beer and condiments, and a decent writing job in a great west-coast city. But, what he really longs for is a deeper meaning to his life. Which is why he’s been writing letters to God (not mailing them, of course, that would be stupid), but writing, reflecting, and asking the hard questions. And, women—yeah, he longs for them too. Which is why he’s also been writing letters (of a different nature, of course) to lovely femme fatales through online dating sites.

Tony, Simon’s neighbour, has had hundreds of women keeping his bedsprings bouncing. Simon isn’t interested in hundreds of women. He just needs one. But life is never that simple. And, so begins the journey.

Peter Brow has woven a hilarious, yet reflective, tale of basic longing; it’s a raw bones, visceral road trip along the hairpin curves of love, religion, forgiveness and—wait for it—library orgies.


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